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The Return

The 3rd or 4th attempt at starting a blog... I've written a few posts here and there, starting when I was doing a lot of PHP, WordPress and Joomla mostly. Then I got into the Microsoft stack and "Enterprise" software. Now I do DevOps! Hopefully all of my older posts are lost in the ether, although I thought nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet. In the past, I tried doing a few technology tutorials, advice on running your own freelance web design company, and some random thoughts. I should make this blog meta - a blog about how to start a blog and find a purpose for a blog... inevitably this is my biggest weakness - consistently creating content and focusing on any one thing for a long period time - outside of my regular 9 to 5. I tend to enjoy consuming content more than creating it. It is possible for me to take on small side projects, but they can't be much more than a weekends worth of work. I need to learn how to do small incremental practice over a l