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Exploring Grafana and InfluxDB

Most recently, I've been exploring using Grafana and InfluxDB as a way to aggregate metrics in one happy place. It's also useful that Grafana has some downloadable dashboards for some existing software, and making new dashboards is as easy as writing some queries and adding it to an existing visualization.It's also got a handy alert system... what more could you want? Setting up Grafana and InfluxDB wasn't too hard. The documentation is very useful and to setup a test instance was easy. I would have preferred using a docker instance, but since I needed it able to connect to things in my company's network, had to place it on some old Windows Server 2012 R2 machine *ugh*. Luckily this wasn't much of an issue, and after the installation, was easily able to wire it up to an Octopus Deploy database with a premade dashboard specifically for Octopus and was instantly bombarded with stunning visuals and more information about my deployments than I could have ever